​​​It's not about training. It's about results.​​

Allstate ABI: Agency Transformative Model

Service: Learning Delivery
Awards: Brandon Hall Gold for Best Sales Training for the Extended Enterprise, 2013

The Allstate Business Insurance (ABI) product line offers business insurance commercial products for small business owners such as small retailers, offices, service industries, restaurants, and home based-businesses. Since it was a relatively smaller and newer product line, ABI had met with less than desired results. Allstate therefore decided to revamp the product line with: new and better products, an improved technology platform (Connexus); and improved training. Allstate and NIIT collaborated to create a customized training solution to meet the business and performance goals of the ABI product line with an agency transformative model that yielded dramatic results.​

Effectiveness: 52.87% trained agents reported an increase in premium - 14.84% more than their untrained peers in the first quarter of the post-training period.

Efficiency: 9.88% increase in weekly average quotes generated by trained agents – 20.84% more than untrained agents in the first quarter of the post-training period.

Shell Primavera: Application Rollout

Service: Content Development and Curriculum Design
Awards: CLO Learning in Practice Gold for Excellence in E-learning, 2011 | Brandon Hall Silver for Best in Competencies and Skill Development, 2012

Shell wanted to streamline the planning process across its Projects and Technology division to enable the worldwide adoption of standardized workflows and technology in a customized application. Shell partnered with NIIT to develop an award-winning learning program to help thousands of users in 22 locations worldwide adopt the standardized application workflows and improve time to proficiency.

Effectiveness: Adoption of new application workflows following a standardized process across 22 locations; Proficiency in the application within six weeks for new users.

Efficiency: Average time spent on application training reduced by over 1/3rd per person

Philips: Global Training Administration System

Service: Learning Administration
Awards: Bersin Learning Leaders 2008

Philips required a Global Training Administration solution across 60 countries that not only included an LMS technology but also a full service desk team – from a single vendor. The vision was to have a cost-effective solution that would be “globally consistent but locally implemented.” Philips chose NIIT as a partner to create a Global Training Administration System and Back-Office Support Desk deployed in three regions of the world. This unified service framework comprised of a robust and secure training administrative system, a technology system integrated with multiple HR information systems, and a global service desk.​

Effectiveness: Reduced overlap by 30%

Efficiency: Reduction of learning expenditures by 20-25% in first year of operation

KFC’s Secret Recipe for Success

Service: Content Development and Curriculum Design
Awards: 2011 Brandon Hall Silver for Best Use of Virtual Worlds for Learning, 2010 CLO Learning in Practice Awards Gold for Excellence in Content

KFC, a division of YUM! Brands, Inc. sought a training solution to address loss prevention in its USA locations. The training needed to positively impact behaviors through the use of real-world, scenario-based curricula design. NIIT determined the mistakes that would have the most impact and designed a scripted series of interventions with believable characters and engaging virtual world scenarios that would drive home the right real world behaviors.

Effectiveness: KFC could engage millennial staff with high adoption rates and learners eagerly looking forward to the next course.

Efficiency: Over 45,000 team members and shift supervisors have completed the training program.